English test: Grammar and Vocabulary with SuperProfesseur.com

Complete the sentences with the correct answers.

1 My mother______very tired today.

A be

B am

C is

D are

2 His_____is a famous actress.

A son

B uncle

C aunt

D grandfather

3 I’d like to be a_____and work in a hospital.

A writer

B lawyer

C teacher

D nurse

4 We_____like dance music.

A isn’t

B aren’t

C doesn’t

D don’t

5 There_____a lot of water on the floor. What happened ?

A am

B be

C is

D are

6 She_____TV at the moment.

A watches

B has watching

C watched

D is watching

7 Sublima is very_____. She doesn’t go out a lot.

A bored

B shy

C angry

D confident

8 Did you_____to the beach yesterday ?

A go

B were

C went

D goed

9 Have you got_____orange juice? I’m thirsty.

A a

B some

C the

D any

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